Cooperation as key to affordable fuel transition


According to EC figures, 96 percent of European vehicles still run on petrol and diesel. And a zero emission approach is not affordable for all modalities at this time. Thus, the potential for greening the European mobility market with biomethane – in the form of

The positive impact of WLTP


The introduction of the WLTP was a challenging period, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. All CNG-models will become available again at the end of February. Additional models, such as SUVs, might even be in the making. This means the (future)

Europe, don’t forget biomethane on the road to zero emission


Making road transport more sustainable by using cleaner fuels is a dire necessity. It is responsible for more than a fifth of CO2 emissions in Europe and is the primary cause of air pollution in our cities. However, when it comes to achieving zero emission