Vlog: Forze Gamma Racing Day Success!

Watch how the TU Delft student team completed its hydrogen vs petrol world debut


They did it! Student team Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing successfully participated in a fossil fuel competition during Gamma Racing Day 2017 on August 6 (see our pre-event news update for more details). The team took part in the Supercar Challenge at the European racing event with a 100% clean hydrogen-electric car, taking a unique first step into the conventional racing world. As the lead sponsor of Forze Delft, PitPoint is extremely proud of what this group of talented students from the Delft University of Technology has achieved. The team has once again demonstrated the potential of hydrogen as a clean fuel. Not surprisingly, Pitpoint was one of the first to publicly congratulate Forze Delft after its racing car, the ForzeVII, crossed the finish line.


Watch this spectacular video blog to see for yourself how the TU Delft students prepared themselves and their racing car for this hydrogen versus petrol world debut. Highlights of the Forze vlog #8 titled ‘The Big Event – Gamma Racing Days 2017’ include:

  • How Forze Delft spent a whole year, with long days and long nights, preparing for Gamma Racing Day.
  • An exclusive backstage look at the intense journey, from preparation to THE day of the hydrogen vs petrol race.
  • Sweet success! See Forze Delft cross the finishing line, on stage, and enjoy the celebrations.

This video is the latest in a regular series of behind-the-scenes video diaries featuring ForzeDelft created in conjunction with PitPoint.


For more information on Forze Delft, Gamma Racing Day, and hydrogen as one of the clean fuels, see below: