Interview: Martijn, Operations Manager

A team building a dream


‘What triggered me to join PitPoint after a career at Tata Steel and having my own consultancy business? Well, it had to do with concern for our planet and my changing perception on that.

Making the world better always sounded a bit soft to my ears, a kind of unrealistic idealism. I used to associate it with carrot juice and wearing hand-knit socks with sandals. But my opinion changed over the years. The more I worked with inspiring and motivated young people, the more the notion grew that there was another side: an enormous potential and drive to come up with realistic solutions. Simultaneously, I started to realise that differences are made on the playing field and not on the sidelines. It made me reconsider my goals in life. And then, at just the right moment, PitPoint came along — a young and dynamic start-up with an extremely ambitious but nevertheless achievable vision on how to resolve the race to the bottom’.

About balance

‘There’s only one thing better than big dreams. And that’s achieving them. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about at PitPoint: the transition from fossil fuels to mobility with zero emissions. It’s a matter of developing, developing and developing some more. Followed by the next steps of design, allocation of finances and implementation in the market. So, getting things done requires a delicate balance between inspiration and execution. Between thinkers and doers. And preferably: hands-on thinkers and creative doers.

About progress

‘The train is rolling and we’re on the fast track. The only thing that limits our speed right now is too much work for too few people.

About work and careers

‘I consider working 9 to 5 at the office an obsolete concept. At PitPoint, you’re given the freedom to develop projects the way you want to. As long as the job is done well, I couldn’t care less where it’s done. At the same time, I value personal development. I like to guide people in their career choices. Let them discover step by step what their strongest talent is: a super technician, a manager or something more commercial, for example. One thing all of us have in common: being a bit stress-proof. Believe me, you’ll need it’.

About meaningful contributions

Mobility means freedom. And making that possible with fewer and eventually no emissions at all, is a meaningful contribution to our world. Being able to achieve that in an organisation with lots of room and plenty opportunity for your own development is rare. At PitPoint we have a rather unique company culture. It’s a team building a dream. Partly ‘sturm und drang’ and partly a more experienced generation to bring some realism to the wildest ideas. It’s that brilliant combination that gives me energy, and the good feeling we’re engineering a better future for our planet.