Waternet drives on CNG with PitPoint

Strategic location and good service ensure positive refuelling experience


Waternet takes care of the complete water management cycle in Amsterdam and surroundings, from drinking water to waste water. Sustainability is one of the company’s core values and this includes the ambition to reduce carbon emissions. This is one of the key reasons why  a large share of Waternet’s fleet of vehicles, 200 out of 400 cars, runs on compressed natural gas (CNG). The company’s intention is that many more CNG cars will follow. So when PitPoint clean fuels opened a CNG filling station near the head office of Waternet, it was only natural that these two organisations would join forces.

“We are very pleased with the arrival of PitPoint’s CNG station, and with the App too of course. All this makes our drivers happy and us as well.” Rob van Eijndthoven, Fleet Manager at Waternet


Waternet was delighted with the new CNG station since it was situated at a strategic and convenient location in Amsterdam. It was considered particularly important that the refuelling service for its drivers was as optimal as possible.


The commitment from within the organisation was very important in this case. Waternet’s employees themselves should be willing to drive on CNG. This means that they must have positive refuelling experiences and be aware of the advantages of driving on CNG.


Sales Manager at PitPoint, Paul de Winter: “During our conversations with Waternet, it quickly became clear to us how important it is to support the organisation in driving on CNG as much as possible. We have approached this in various ways: We have increased the intrinsic motivation to drive on CNG by developing a brochure in which we explain what CNG and biomethane is; and what driving on these products means exactly. All drivers have also taken note of the PitPoint App, which not only shows where are the PitPoint clean fuel stations are located but also the CNG stations of other parties.”

“On the operational side, we have set up the CNG filling station in Amsterdam in such a way that it fits in well with the refuelling frequency of the Waternet drivers. By opting for a high-quality filling station and a separate CNG fuel dispenser island with plenty of space for the cars running on this cleaner fuel, ‘’ according to De Winter.


Waternet finds the collaboration with PitPoint very pleasant. The fast and good service is particularly valued. Its CNG drivers have embraced the new filling station and are very positive about the location and the customer experience.

Rob van Eijndthoven, fleet manager at Waternet: “We are very pleased with the PitPoint’s CNG station in our area, and with the App too of course. All this makes our drivers happy and us as well.”