CNG & Biomethane

Cleaner and cost effective alternative fuels

Compressed natural gas, or CNG, is natural gas stored at high pressure. CNG can be used as a cleaner, cost effective and efficient alternative to traditional fuels. A fully sustainable and renewable variant of CNG, of the same quality and also suitable for combustion, is biomethane. Biomethane (or bio-CNG) is produced by upgrading biogas, which is made through the fermentation of organic materials, such as plant waste, sewage sludge and manure. CNG and biomethane fuel solutions help reduce CO2 and pollutants emitted by cars, light commercial vehicles, light trucks, and buses.

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The cleanest fuel for trucks and ships

LNG stands for Liquefied Natural Gas. For many years, natural gas has been used in our homes but also as fuel in the transport industry. It is mainly used for heavy duty means of transport such as trucks and large ships. It is the cleanest fuel currently in use in the transport industry.

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Already available, soon essential for clean transport

Hydrogen has all the properties required to become the fuel of the future. It’s clean, inexhaustible and practical. We are experts in clean fuels at PitPoint and are convinced of the great potential hydrogen offers in the transition to zero-emission mobility. This is why PitPoint is committed to investing in making hydrogen available and affordable, and is building a network of hydrogen refuelling stations.

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Strong alternative for local and regional transport

The number of electric vehicles used by consumers, businesses and local governments is growing by the day. Driving on electricity considerably improves our air quality and climate, especially if it’s generated from clean energy sources like wind and sun. That’s why PitPoint designs, builds and operates public charging stations for electric vehicles, as well as ones used privately by companies.

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