Sustainable CNG at PitPoint

CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas. You can also say: natural gas under pressure. It is the cheapest and cleanest fossil fuel currently available. The next step is to make Biomethane. Even greener through the development of a sustainable, organic replacement for natural gas for carbon-neutral driving. Biomethane is made from organic gas produced by the fermentation of plant waste, sewage waste and animal waste (manure).

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The cleanest fuel for trucks and ships

LNG stands for Liquefied Natural Gas. For many years, natural gas has been used in our homes but also as fuel in the transport industry.
It is mainly used for heavy duty means of transport such as trucks and large ships. It is the cleanest fuel currently in use in the transport industry.

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Hydrogen: still in its infancy, but it will soon grow to be a giant

Driving on hydrogen is still in its infancy. PitPoint is, however, already investing in hydrogen fuel stations. We believe that hydrogen will be included in the future sustainable fuel portfolio. Not only is hydrogen nearly inexhaustible, but its combustion does not release any hazardous substances.

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The use of electric vehicles is already on a reasonable scale for urban product distribution and people transport. A few private individuals and leasing individuals are also convinced it is the future. PitPoint is aware that the contribution of electric vehicles to the improvement of air quality is significant. It stands to reason that the charging point infrastructure should be based on sustainable electricity. PitPoint designs, builds and maintains Electric charging stations.