CNG & Biomethane

CNG stands for compressed natural gas, which is a natural gas fuel stored at high pressure. It has been compressed to 200-250 bar and thus reduced to less than 1% of its volume at standard atmospheric pressure. This makes it easier to store and to transport.

CNG fuel is particularly suitable for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, light trucks and buses. It offers trucks a range of around 550 km. CNG vehicles driving on biomethane emit significantly less particulate matter* and CO2** than conventional fossil fuels.

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LNG stands for Liquefied Natural Gas. For many years, natural gas has been used in our homes but also as fuel in the transport industry. It is mainly used for heavy duty means of transport such as trucks and large ships. It is the cleanest fossil fuel currently in use in the transport industry.

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It gives you real time information about the status of our LNG stations and notifies users when anything changes. We summarized important facilities per station and users can navigate directly to the location via Google Maps. Because a save refueling process is our priority, we made space to included detailed instructions and enable users to get in contact with the helpdesk directly in case of malfunction.
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Hydrogen or H2 is an invisible, odourless and non-toxic gas that is lighter than air and easily forms compounds, which means it easily reacts with other molecules. The most commonly known compound is with oxygen: H2O, which is water. H2 is a powerful energy carrier that can be used in fuel cells to generate electricity to power vehicles, or heating systems. Driving on hydrogen is clean: no harmful substances such as pollutants and greenhouse gases are emitted from the vehicle exhaust.

Hydrogen vehicles are electric vehicles. Unlike conventional battery electric vehicles or EVs, hydrogen vehicles are powered by a fuel cell that converts H2 into electricity. The environmental benefits of hydrogen as a fuel, such as zero polluting tailpipe emissions, combined with the many practical advantages, such as driving comfort, make it one of the most promising alternative fuels for tomorrow’s sustainable mobility, particularly in heavy transport.

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