Electric charging

Electric driving is becoming more and more popular: Electric vehicles are being widely used for urban distribution and public transport; individual car owners as well as those driving a lease car are increasingly convinced of the benefits. Electric cars don’t emit CO2 and the emission of particulate matter is virtually non-existent. At PitPoint, we also see the positive impact of electric transport on air quality and the climate. Part of our approach includes providing infrastructure that allows you to charge your vehicle with sustainably generated electricity. As a Charge Point Operator (CPO), PitPoint designs, implements, operates and maintains electric charging stations.

EV for businesses

Electric driving fits seamlessly into your fleet’s transition from fossil fuels to renewable fuels. But how do you organise the installation, operation and maintenance of the required charging infrastructure? And what’s the smartest, most efficient way to charge your fleet? You might not consider these questions every day, but it’s important to ensure that your vehicles are fully charged and ready to go whenever they’re needed. As a systems integrator, PitPoint and our partners can help you make the transition to smart electric charging.

Together, we’ll find the ideal electric vehicle charging solutions that can expand as your electric fleet is growing.

EV for cities

Electric driving is an important step towards an emission-free society. To support the growth of this development, it’s essential to offer electric vehicle owners charging points in the right places. Now is the time for municipalities to start making a real difference on the path to cleaner cities and a healthier world. PitPoint’s mission is to leave behind a cleaner planet for future generations. Zero emission transport contributes to that goal. So we don’t just install charging points, we also work with municipalities to figure out the ideal distribution of these charging points throughout the city.

EV for public transport providers

Clean and sustainable public transport is increasingly becoming a prerequisite  for obtaining new contracts (concessions). Electric buses can offer the ideal solution for short routes as well as longer, high-frequency routes. PitPoint works closely with you to deliver a complete solution for your charging infrastructure. We support you throughout the entire supply chain – from vehicles to charging points – and take responsibility for the design, financing and operation of the entire charging infrastructure.

EV for drivers

Driving an electric car is a meaningful step towards an emission-free society. At PitPoint, we’re making clean driving possible with affordable charging stations that are accessible 24/7. We’re continuously working with our partners to expand the network of available charging stations.

Read more about our charging points in the Netherlands (in Dutch) and Belgium (in English):