Bunkering LNG at PitPoint

PitPoint has opened Europe’s first shore-to-ship Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) bunker station for inland shipping at the Niehler Hafen in Cologne. Bunkering LNG at PitPoint is easy, fast and safe. Our bunkering station is manned and available 24/7.
An overview of all LNG bunkering locations in Europe – including ours – can be found in our LNG bunkering location overview. This bunker station is co-financed by the European union.

Benefits of a permanent LNG bunkering station

  • Located along the Rhine
  • 24/7 availability
  • Faster bunkering compared to Truck-to-ship bunkering thanks to powerful pumps
  • Bunker guidance by professional service engineers
  • LNG storage tank with a capacity of 200 m³
  • Prepared for bunkering two ship simultaneously
  • No bunker permit required


Clear bunkering process

Wondering how this permanent LNG bunkering station in Cologne works?
Pieter Kool, Operations & Safety Manager at PitPoint.LNG, explains it in 5 clear steps.

Bunker request

New bunker request can be emailed to:


Contact person

Jan Willem Drijver

+31 6 57 45 97 67