Refuelling LNG at PitPoint

Refuelling LNG at PitPoint.LNG is easy, fast and safe. PitPoint.LNG has LNG filling stations in the Netherlands in Zwolle, Den Hoorn (Delft), Sevenum (Venlo), Roosendaal and in Belgium in Rekkem and is working hard to develop new LNG fuel stations and bunkering stations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.  Our locations are unmanned and open 24/7. An overview of all LNG refueling locations in Europe – including ours – can be found in our refueling location overview.

Safety first!


We place high importance on safety. We therefore assume that drivers are aware of the safety rules, but just to be at the safe side, here are a few important things to consider:

Drivers must wear their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times when refuelling: face mask, special gloves, long sleeves & trousers and closed-toe shoes. It is important that they have these in their possession!

Drivers must follow the PitPoint refuelling instructions at all times to ensure a smooth refuelling process. These are also displayed step by step on the digital screen on the LNG pump.


We don’t have our own PitPoint LNG fuel card, so we accept the following external fuel cards:

At all our stations in The Netherlands: 

Total EuroTrafic
DCB Energy
Romac Fuels


At all our stations in Belgium:

Total EuroTrafic
Romac Fuels
DCB Energy
LNG drive card

Fuel cards can be requested directly from suppliers.


LNG dispenserDo your drivers already know that our refuelling instructions are available in 11 different languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Romanian and Swedish?

The language can be selected using the top button on the dispenser and is available at all our LNG refuelling stations in the Netherlands and Belgium, so that everyone can follow the instructions.

If your preferred language isn’t listed, please let us know!


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