What does filling up cost?

LNG is charged per kg and not per litre. This is because the temperature has a strong influence on the volume of LNG. The weight (in kg) does however remain the same so this is the truest way of charging for the fuel.

Current LNG price at Pitpoint.LNG stations:
  • Zwolle, Harnaschpolder (Den Hoorn), Venlo (Sevenum) and Roosendaal (The Netherlands)
    € 1,231 per kg, excl. VAT (€ 1,49 incl. VAT)
  • Deventer (The Netherlands)
    € 1,050 per kg, excl. VAT (€ 1,270 incl. VAT)
  • Rekkem (Belgium):
    € 0,876 per kg, excl. VAT (€ 1,060 incl. VAT)

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