Urban buses on Biomethane/CNG

Public transport in Haarlem, The Hague and Nijmegen runs on Biomethane/CNG. Results:
Lower costs and cleaner air. Would you like to mirror their results? PitPoint can arrange the construction and maintenance of the required fuel stations. We take care of the infrastructure and you have peace of mind.

Taxi companies on Biomethane/CNG

BIOS Personenvervoer B.V. drives on Biomethane/CNG as of 1 January 2011. The group provides transport based on the Dutch Social Support Act and other transport services (public transport taxi service) in the Zuid-Kennemerland/IJmond region. PitPoint developed an innovative tailor-made method for Biomethane/CNG refuelling. The vehicles are connected to a time-fill system after each shift. The system refuels forty vehicles using Biomethane/CNG during the evening and night. Result: All cars are ready with full tanks the next day.

garbage truck on Biomethane/CNG

Waste-processing company Meerlanden in Rijsenhout uses biodegradable waste to produce Biomethane which is supplied to the natural gas network. PitPoint installed a Biomethane/CNG fuel station on the Meerlanden site allowing the Meerlanden fleet to switch to clean fuel.