CNG vehicles

Wide range of Biomethane/CNG vehicles

It is hardly surprising that CNG is an increasingly popular fuel, as it is by far the cleanest fuel available. Moreover, you can fill up a vehicle’s CNG installation with Biomethane and achieve even more environmental gains. CNG is economical at the pump and in use.

Business advantage

Are you a fleet manager and would you like to know what driving on Biomethane/CNG would mean for your budget? Please contact one of our account managers. He or she can map your mobility needs and the total cost of ownership (purchase, usage, management and maintenance costs) to the smallest detail. They also have knowledge about the companies that have already switched to a Biomethane/CNG fleet and can answer any technical question you may have.

An increasing number of car manufacturers are producing cars that are equipped for CNG/Biomethane. This is the case for both passenger and company cars for which the tanks have been integrated efficiently into the chassis. No cargo space is compromised!

Two types of Biomethane/CNG cars: bi-fuel and dedicated fuel

There are two types of Biomethane/CNG vehicles: bi-fuel and dedicated fuel cars. Bi-fuel vehicles are the most common type. These cars are equipped with two fuel systems. One system for Biomethane/CNG and a second one for another fuel, usually petrol. The car is, therefore, less dependent on the availability of Biomethane/CNG. A dedicated vehicle only drives on Biomethane/CNG. It does not have a second tank for another type of fuel. A dedicated vehicle does have a larger gas tank and, therefore the range is greater.

List of benefits

10 %
lower CO2 emissions

lower CO2 emissions than diesel fuel*

25 %
less NOx (nitrogen oxide)

less NOx (nitrogen oxide) than diesel fuel

No particulate matter or soot emissions

Refuelling is just as fast as when getting petrol or diesel

Engine runs more silently than on diesel

* 10% lower CO2 emissions than CNG made from natural gas. Biomethane CO2 emissions are even 75% lower than that of diesel fuel. At PitPoint you can refuel with CNG or Biomethane.