Clean transport in 2030. That is our goal. We want to attain this goal by making clean fuels available at competitive prices. These fuel types are cleaner than traditional fuels. This requires continuous innovation. Find our downloads below for more information about our clean fuels.

Whitepaper biofuels

The term ‘biofuel’ suggests that it is cleaner and more effcient than fossil fuel by defnition.  ​In reality, the  sustainability of different biofuels varies greatly. Therefore we are making a series of white papers that focuses on the sustainability of biofuels. In this first part, we focus on the CO2-impact of biomethane  and hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Download the Whitepaper biofuels
Whitepaper biofuels

Clean fuel flyer

We want to drive and we want cleaner air! Is it possible to attain both goals? YES! Through innovation. By producing and supplying fuels with negligible or zero emissions of fine particles, NOx and CO2, unlike petrol and particularly diesel.Download our flyer to learn more about our clean fuels.

Download the Clean fuel flyer