Forze Hydrogen racing team

Fuelled by PitPoint

TU Delft students and PitPoint joined forces for the ultimate hydrogen racing car

PitPoint is sponsor of Forze, the Dutch hydrogen racing team of TU Delft. Apart from a financial contribution, the sponsorship also involves knowledge exchange.

The sponsorship allows Team Forze, consisting of seventy talented students from various faculties of the TU Delft, to continue their development. The racing team now focuses on the development and production of the Forze7, the latest hydrogen racing car of the Delft team. According to Rick Everaert, team manager at Forze, the new racing car should be ready in June 2016. In 2016, the team will take on gasoline cars with the ultimate hydrogen circuit racing car, (see also the Forze website for specifications).

FORZE: The Road to the Hydrogen Racing Debut – The Aftermovie

Hydrogen as a fuel

Forze wants to emphasize the potential of hydrogen as a fuel with the development of hydrogen racing cars. This works as follows: hydrogen and oxygen react with each other in the hydrogen car’s fuel cell. The propulsion is electric, but the racing car generates its own on-board electricity by converting hydrogen gas in a fuel cell. The big advantage of this is that you don’t need batteries to charge, as with a battery-electric car.

Funding and knowledge

To PitPoint, hydrogen is an essential part to ensure a society in 2030 in which transport will be fully sustainable; It is virtually inexhaustible and when used as fuel, no harmful substances are released. PitPoint supports the team with money and knowledge, such as how you can refuel faster and better with hydrogen. That’s PitPoint’s speciality: making clean fuels available. PitPoint is for instance also involved in the construction of the third public hydrogen filling station in the Netherlands.

“PitPoint’s mission is almost a mirror image of our own”, says Rick Edwards. “Together, we are working on a more sustainable future in the transport sector.” Both have the mission to promote transport using hydrogen. The development, production and racing of a high end racing car contributes to this. About Forze Forze is the TU Delft hydrogen racing team. The team consists of students from various faculties, from aviation and aerospace engineering to applied Earth Sciences. Together, they strive to promote hydrogen technology by designing, making and racing a highly innovative racing car. For more information, see:

Forze vlog

On August 6, 2017, team Forze made its world debut in the conventional racing world by participating in a fossil fuel competition during Gamma Racing Day 2017. Watch this vlog to see how it went!