Arnhem hydrogen refuelling station fully operational


PitPoint’s hydrogen refuelling station in Arnhem now also features a 700-bar dispenser unit for passenger vehicles. Thanks to this new addition, both dispenser units at the hydrogen station can now be used for refuelling. The 350-bar dispenser, which became operational in September, is typically used

Hydrogen technology proven in High V.LO City project


Hydrogen for mobility has proven under the auspices of the European High V.LO City1 project to be a reliable technology for the future. This also became apparent during the closing conference of the project on 27 November in Groningen. Accelerate the integration of hydrogen-powered public

ADAC: ‘Natural gas is fuel with best carbon footprint’


Natural gas when used as a car fuel is currently the least harmful to our climate, according to the preliminary results of a new study by Germany’s leading automobile club, ADAC, released yesterday. In the results, natural gas or CNG powered cars are followed by