ADAC: ‘Natural gas is fuel with best carbon footprint’


Natural gas when used as a car fuel is currently the least harmful to our climate, according to the preliminary results of a new study by Germany’s leading automobile club, ADAC, released yesterday. In the results, natural gas or CNG powered cars are followed by

PitPoint expands its network of CNG refuelling stations in Germany


PitPoint continues to expand its German network of filling stations for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). In the first quarter of this year, the international provider of clean fuels has added three new locations and now offers CNG at close to 40 fuel stations in Germany.

PitPoint opens first CNG refuelling station in Brussels


PitPoint clean fuels continues to support the growth of the Belgian CNG network, with the construction of a series of new filling stations in Flanders and Wallonia, and the first of three new station openings in Brussels.

PitPoint receives subsidy for 7 transport projects


PitPoint clean fuels has been awarded a total of 1.3 million euros in subsidy for the realisation of various EV and CNG infrastructure projects in the Netherlands and Belgium. The subsidy is issued by the Dutch-Belgian collaboration project BENEFIC. A quarter of the total amountallocated

PitPoint to build six new CNG stations in Belgium


PitPoint will be extending its CNG network with six new stations in Belgium. The new CNG stations will be built in the following locations: Aalter, Kortrijk, Luik, Anderlecht, Eindhout and Charleroi. Plans for the latest expansion of PitPoint’s European clean fuels network were announced yesterday.

Clean driving during your summer holiday!


As you head off to your holiday destination this summer please remember that clean driving is good for the environment, and your wallet – in your country and also abroad. Read this blog on why your choice of a cleaner fuel is important as you

Dutch ferry first in Europe to run on CNG


Texel/Nieuwegein, Netherlands, 13 july 2017 – As of this week, the ferry operated by Dutch shipping firm TESO called the Texelstroom will run on CNG (compressed natural gas), a first in Europe.

Volkswagen Group and PitPoint are working together


German initiative aims to expand CNG/Biomethane mobility: network of CNG gas stations to grow to 2000 stations, number of CNG vehicles to one million.