Arnhem hydrogen refuelling station fully operational


PitPoint’s hydrogen refuelling station in Arnhem now also features a 700-bar dispenser unit for passenger vehicles. Thanks to this new addition, both dispenser units at the hydrogen station can now be used for refuelling. The 350-bar dispenser, which became operational in September, is typically used

Hydrogen technology proven in High V.LO City project


Hydrogen for mobility has proven under the auspices of the European High V.LO City1 project to be a reliable technology for the future. This also became apparent during the closing conference of the project on 27 November in Groningen. Accelerate the integration of hydrogen-powered public

PitPoint opens hydrogen refueling station in Arnhem (NL)


The hydrogen refueling station from PitPoint in Arnhem is opening today for both buses and garbage vehicles, as well as passenger vehicles. The station is open 24/7 and you can pay directly at the tank pillar with a bank card, Travelcard and MTC. Hydrogen refueling

PitPoint to build public hydrogen refuelling station in Arnhem


PitPoint will build and operate a public hydrogen refuelling station in Arnhem – the third one in the Netherlands. The new station is set to open in June 2019.

How REDII paves the way for green hydrogen


The new Renewable Energy Directive paves the way for green H2 in the mobility sector. However, we still need grey hydrogen to pave the way for it.

Why hydrogen is pivotal to achieve zero emission mobility


A lot is written and said about the promise and obstacles of hydrogen and fuel cell mobility. In this article, we as Pitpoint would like to share our enthusiasm about H2 with you and show that the combination of hydrogen and fuel cells is pivotal

Dutch government sets its sights on hydrogen


At PitPoint we strongly believe in hydrogen as one of the main clean fuels for the future. We are fully committed to make hydrogen available and affordable. Therefore, we are very pleased that the Dutch government has taken an important step to give hydrogen mobility

The state of hydrogen fueling infrastructure


On April 24, Oskar Voorsmit, Senior Business Development Manager for hydrogen at PitPoint clean fuels presented at gasworld’s Europe Conference 2018 in Amsterdam. Oskar’s main message: To make hydrogen competitive as a fuel for mobility we must and can bring down the costs. How? By

Launch of new hydrogen refuelling station in Delfzijl


The Delfzijl refuelling station has been developed through an innovative public-private partnership between the OV-bureau for Groningen Drenthe, Qbuzz, AkzoNobel, Groningen Seaports, PitPoint, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure, Public Works and Water Management, and the province of Groningen.

PitPoint realises new hydrogen filling station


This month, PitPoint is realising a hydrogen filling station at Chemie Park Delfzijl in The Netherlands. The station will supply two Qbuzz hydrogen buses in Groningen and Drenthe with green hydrogen from AkzoNobel. The project is a pilot and will run for a period of