Clean driving during your summer holiday!

Download the PitPoint app to locate all clean fuel stations in Europe


This weekend is the first of two ‘black’ Saturdays predicted for this summer, the busiest days of the year on the roads in France and Italy as thousands of tourists drive to their holiday destinations and get stuck in long traffic jams for hours. By planning your journey around the worst jams and tailbacks you will avoid a lot of unnecessary holiday stress. If you want to ensure that on your alternative route you can continue to drive your car on clean fuels, then PitPoint’s free app will help you reduce your stress-level even further.


The Pitpoint app tells you exactly where all fuel stations for Biomethane/CNG, LNG and hydrogen are located throughout Europe. These stations are clearly indicated in the app with a colored pin on a map of the country you are in, or you can view the list of service stations.

In addition to the Netherlands, which has a national network of almost 150 Biomethane/CNG stations, you will find that in Germany and Italy especially the number of clean fuel stations along or at just a few minutes from the motorway is considerable. In Belgium and France the coverage is also improving fast, and PitPoint is working hard to expand the European network of clean tank stations even further. The PitPoint app tracks the location of all these stations (not only those owned by PitPoint), so you can drive carefree with your clean fuel car to your vacation destination.


By choosing to drive on clean fuel at home and during your holiday, you are not only reducing the CO2 emission of your car. This is also more cost-effective than when you were to drive on diesel or gasoline. So this is good for the environment and your wallet. By driving on CNG, for example, your CO2 footprint would already reduce by more than 10%. Driving on Biomethane, CNG’s bio-friendly successor made by fermenting green waste, manure and sewage, results in a CO2 reduction of 75% or more.

To reduce global warming, it is essential that more and more people make the transition to clean vehicles. Due the long lifecycle of a new car,  the effect on health and the climate in 2030 is largely determined by your purchase today. It is therefore important not to wait, but to choose as clean and economical as possible. Fortunately, there are sufficient, economical cars that are factory-equipped to drive on Biomethane/CNG available now. In addition, the range of electric cars is growing steadily.

Are you considering to buy a cleaner car so that you too can make a positive contribution to the environment and your wallet, at home and during your summer vacation? Read this PitPoint flyer to learn more about clean fuels. And don’t  forget to download the free PitPoint app to know where to refuel!

PitPoint wishes you a wonderful holiday with clean and safe miles!