CNG Net and LNG24 continue as PitPoint


Green energy suppliers CNG Net, CNG Realisatie & Onderhoud and LNG24 aim to make all transportation in the Netherlands 100 percent clean and renewable in 2030. That is why they are bundling powers and continue under the name PitPoint clean fuels.

“Our goal is ambitious, but we are convinced we can make it happen,” says Erik Kemink, CEO of PitPoint clean fuels. “We are doing everything to facilitate the transition to clean fuels.” It seems 2030 is in the distant future, but in fact it is right around the corner. “We are fully convinced we can make transportation 100 percent green in 2030. We can’t wait to make this happen,” says Kemink.

PitPoint want to reach its goal by stepping up the production of Biomethane (CNG)and to create as many fuel stations as possible to provide vehicles with Biomethane (CNG), LNG, hydrogen and electricity. These fuels emit less particulate matter, NO and CO2 than petrol or diesel.

PitPoint makes these fuels available and affordable to companies, consumers and governments, by investing in the production of green gas, amongst other things. Kemink: “The advantage of Biomethane (CNG) is that it is not just beneficial for the environment and our health, but also cheaper than petrol and diesel.”


CNG Net and LNG24 combined have built more than 60 Biomethane (CNG) filling stations in the Netherlands and Belgium. PitPoint has nine more filling stations planned, of which five in Belgium and four in the Netherlands.

The green energy supplier is significantly expanding its Biomethane (CNG) filling stations in the Netherlands and internationally. It is also building the third public hydrogen filling station in the Netherlands.

New name, new face

PitPoint is based on the word ‘Pit’ – a place where people are developing and building – and Point – the distribution centre where all clean fuels are delivered. All PitPoint filling stations will be refurbished in the coming months to highlight the merger.