Drive cleanly to your holiday destination

Use the PitPoint App!


Do you want to drive cleanly to your sunny holiday destination? That is good for the environment and your wallet. There are more than enough ultra-efficient cars that are equipped ex factory to run on CNG (compressed natural gas) or green gas. Green gas is the sustainable successor of CNG and is generated by fermenting organic waste and sewage slurry. Cars that can run on CNG can also simply be refuelled with this Biomethane. Moreover, the supply of electric vehicles is also expanding.


But where can you refuel with your clean fuel when abroad? The free app of PitPoint will tell you. With the app, you can swiftly locate all filling stations for Biomethane (CNG), LNG, and hydrogen throughout Europe.

The stations will be displayed on a map by means of a coloured pin or in a list. Finding locations is easy and intuitive. Additional explanations, however, are currently only available in the Dutch language.

While green gas (CNG) is currently a popular automotive fuel especially in Germany and Italy, Belgium and France now also have decent coverage. PitPoint’s app will maintain this information for you so that you can go on holidays with as small a CO2 footprint as possible.

Holiday glossary

If you are looking for clean fuels abroad, you can make yourself understood by means of the following brief list of “clean fuel” translations.

English: Clean fuel
German: Sauberer Kraftstoff
Spanish: Combustible limpio
Italian: Combustibile pulito
Portuguese: Combustível limpo
Danish: Rent brændstof

In addition, it is useful to know that CNG can be referred to differently abroad. In France, it is called e.g. GNV, in Italy Metano, and in Spain GNC.

PitPoint wishes you pleasant holidays and clean and safe miles!