PitPoint opens hydrogen refueling station in Arnhem (NL)


The hydrogen refueling station from PitPoint in Arnhem is opening today for both buses and garbage vehicles, as well as passenger vehicles. The station is open 24/7 and you can pay directly at the tank pillar with a bank card, Travelcard and MTC.

Hydrogen refueling in Arnhem

The station was intended to open in June this year, but due to technical challenges, the opening was delayed by a few months. The construction of a national network for hydrogen fueling stations is crucial for the breakthrough of hydrogen as an energy carrier for cleaner transport. Fortunately, hydrogen can be refueled from today at the PitPoint station on Westervoortsedijk, Arnhem (NL). Near this location is also a biomethane station from PitPoint.

350 bar now available

For the time being, only the 350 bar tank section is open, which is used by buses from Syntus Gelderland, among others. The opening of the 700 bar tank section, where passenger vehicles can fuel hydrogen, will follow as soon as possible. Drivers with a hydrogen car can already go to the 350 bar pillar, where they can fill half of their tank with hydrogen. The aim of PitPoint is, of course, to have the 700 bar pillar operational as soon as possible.

Oskar Voorsmit, business development manager Hydrogen at PitPoint: “Even though the situation is not yet optimal, we are delighted with the opening of the hydrogen refueling station. Drivers in the Arnhem area with a hydrogen car now have access to hydrogen and that is good news.”


This new station is being realised under the banner of the H2Nodes project, which takes place in Estonia, Latvia and the Netherlands and receives a total contribution of € 14,503,000 by the Connecting European Facility (CEF). In addition, this project receives funding from the DKTI scheme, a Dutch government programme that supports sustainable transport. The Dutch government has set a target of having 20 hydrogen refuelling stations operational in the Netherlands by 2020. The construction of the new station in Arnhem is thus an important step in creating a sufficient network of publicly accessible hydrogen stations in the Netherlands.