Inland shipping fuels: Time for action


Shipping is generally seen as a relatively environmentally friendly form of transport. It is, however, not as harmless as it appears. This is true for inland shipping in particular. In this article, I provide an overview of the various options to decrease the negative impact

Network of LNG filling stations in the Netherlands is growing steadily


Yesterday, two new LNG filling locations were opened in the Netherlands.

PitPoint realises new hydrogen filling station


This month, PitPoint is realising a hydrogen filling station at Chemie Park Delfzijl in The Netherlands. The station will supply two Qbuzz hydrogen buses in Groningen and Drenthe with green hydrogen from AkzoNobel. The project is a pilot and will run for a period of

PitPoint wishes everyone a happy and sustainable 2018


PitPoint wishes everyone who joins us on our journey to a more sustainable future a happy 2018.

Green fleet for Dutch PostNL


PostNL began replacing its fleet three years ago. Polluting diesel vehicles for which the lease had expired were replaced with clean vehicles that run on biomethane (Green Gas). “By setting a good example, we hope to inspire partners and other organisations to realise their ambitions.”

Plans for Dordrecht Inland Seaport to host bunker station for LNG and other cleaner fuels


The Port of Rotterdam wants to realise a new multifuel bunker station for the refuelling of LNG and other cleaner fuels. Krabbegors/Duivelseiland at Dordrecht Inland Seaport has been designated as the location for this bunker station. Port of Rotterdam and PitPoint.LNG signed a letter of

Pitpoint adds CNG Stations In Germany


PitPoint’s public CNG refueling infrastructure in Germany will expand from 13 to 27 stations from September 2017, following a take-over agreement with GAZU signed on the 31st of August. The deal effectively doubles the network of CNG stations owned by PitPoint clean fuels Germany, which

World Debut: Hydrogen Against Petrol


This weekend, Forze, the hydrogen racing team from the Delft University of Technology, will take its most advanced car – the ForzeVII – to compete directly against conventional racecars with a combustion engine for the first time.

PitPoint’s international focus


Internationally, Dutch companies have the reputation of being pioneers when it comes to sustainable mobility. One of the shining stars is without a doubt PitPoint, which has now also taken a serious plunge into the international marketplace.

Clean driving during your summer holiday!


As you head off to your holiday destination this summer please remember that clean driving is good for the environment, and your wallet – in your country and also abroad. Read this blog on why your choice of a cleaner fuel is important as you