Happy 2017: the perfect moment


The PitPoint team would like to wish you a very happy 2017: a new year in which we hope to move a step closer to our target of clean transport by 2030. There may be 13 years to go, but as far as we’re concerned,

Diversification is the key


Though not always noticeable to many, the European policy-makers and stakeholders work hard to realise a cleaner economy. For example, various NGOs recently sent a pressing letter to the European Commission in which they call on them to phase out polluting fuels. This does not

We increasingly advise internationally


PitPoint receives a growing amount of questions throughout Europe about how to prepare a re-fuelling- and electric vehicle charging infrastructure fit for a sustainable future. There is plenty of room for improvement in the area of sustainability in the maritime- and public transportation market. “We

Danish delegation curious to learn about sailing on CNG


A delegation from the energy-neutral Danish island Samsø was given the opportunity to have a look at the new CNG filling station for the Texel ferry service TESO. PitPoint, as a supplier of know-how and filling solutions, was naturally present.

Hydrogen race car of the future revealed


Sunday, August 7 2016 at the Gamma Racing Day students of TU Delft presented a new race car they spent a whole year improving: the Forze VII. This impressive aerodynamic machine – in the colours of PitPoint – is a hydrogen car. This allows the

Two new members on PitPoint Supervisory Board


The meeting of PitPoint shareholders appointed Mr Peter Goedvolk and Mr Michiel Muller as new supervisory directors.

Drive cleanly to your holiday destination


Do you want to drive cleanly to your sunny holiday destination? That is good for the environment and your wallet. There are more than enough ultra-efficient cars that are equipped ex factory to run on CNG (compressed natural gas) or green gas. Green gas is

LNG-Motion project nominated for a 27.8 million Euro grant


The LNG-Motion project, in which PitPoint participates, was nominated by the European Commission for a grant of € 27,800,000 from the infrastructure fund Connecting Europe Facility for Transport (CEF-T). This project intends to pave the way for a massive roll-out of LNG truck filling stations

The LNG network is expanding


Axègaz recently opened the first of five public LNG stations in France. The clean fuel, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), can in future also be tanked at the Centre Régional de Transport de Lille-Lesquin site south of Lille. Another four LNG stations will be added in

PitPoint LNG and Primagaz form LNG Joint-venture


PitPoint Clean Fuels and Primagaz Nederland BV signed an agreement on the takeover of 50% of the shares of PitPoint LNG by Primagaz. This newly formed joint venture will focus entirely on the exploitation of LNG for the automotive and marine market. Both companies will