Partners for a cleaner planet

PitPoint congratulates hydrogen race team Forze and Olympic sailor Emma Plasschaert


Last month, PitPoint clean fuels joined in the celebration of not one, but two fantastic sports achievements: Student hydrogen racing team Forze completed a full race for the first time in history during the Gamma Racing Days in the Netherlands. Emma Plasschaert, member of the Olympic sailing team within the Flemish WWSV federation, struck gold in the Laser Radial class at the 2018 World Championships in Denmark. We are very proud to be able to support both partners, with whom we share a common drive to leave our planet cleaner for future generations.

A historical race for hydrogen student team Forze

On August 18-19, the annual Gamma Racing Days event took place at the well-known Dutch racing circuit of Assen. Last year, student team Forze and its hydrogen powered race car Forze VII already completed several rounds in the Supercar Challenge. This year, Forze went even one step further and finished an entire race with its next-generation hydrogen car, the Forze VIII. Racing against petrol cars, Forze’s achievement demonstrated once more that hydrogen does not play second fiddle to fossil fuels.

For the past year, around 50 students from TU Delft worked extremely hard to upgrade the Forze VII and create Forze VIII. Among other things, they completely renewed the bodywork and installed new fuel tanks. These new tanks store around five kilos of hydrogen in total at a pressure of 700 bar; enough to finish a 60-minute race. After a rocky start, the Forze VIII was eliminated during the first round in the qualification, it made history as the first hydrogen race car ever to complete a full race.

PitPoint and Forze have joined forces to promote hydrogen fueled transport as one of the key ways to achieve zero emission mobility. Innovation, such as developing, manufacturing, testing, and driving a high-end race car, is critical to showcase the enormous potential of H2 as a fuel. Forze team manager, Gijs Vermeij: “PitPoint’s vision of 100% clean transport in 2030 ties in seamlessly with our mission to promote hydrogen. Together, we are working on a more sustainable future for the transport sector.”

Gold medal for Emma Plasschaert and WWSV

On August 10, top sailor Emma Plasschaert became the women’s world champion in the Laser Radial class at the 2018 Sailing World Championships in Aarhus, Denmark. This very first Belgian gold medal ever qualifies her directly for the sailing competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. An impressive performance! 

Emma is just one of the Olympic sailors that PitPoint sponsors as part of a partnership with the Flemish WWSV federation. A partnership that combines sports at the highest level with the quest for a more healthy living environment. This includes the importance of clean air, and reducing air pollution caused by harmful vehicle emissions.

PitPoint clean fuels. Driven by Nature. Human Nature.

Sustainability is at the very core of who we are, and what we do, at PitPoint clean fuels. Therefore, we are very proud to be able the sponsor the above two teams, with whom we share a common drive to leave our planet cleaner for future generations.Together, we are driven by nature. Human nature.

Overview photo courtesy of © Sailing Energy/World Sailing