Pitpoint adds CNG Stations In Germany

PitPoint Germany's public CNG refueling infrastructure expands to 27 stations


PitPoint’s public CNG refueling infrastructure in Germany will expand from 13 to 27 stations as of September 2017, following a take-over agreement with GAZU signed on the 31st of August. The deal effectively doubles the network of CNG stations owned by PitPoint Germany which is headquartered in Hamburg.

“This is a significant step towards achieving PitPoint’s vision of 100% clean mobility by 2030,” says Benjamin Janke, Managing Director Germany at PitPoint. “It is our ambition to continue growing our national CNG network infrastructure, and to make a constantly increasing number of CNG/Biomethane stations available to our partners and customers.”

Benjamin Janke

Benjamin Janke, Managing Director Germany at PitPoint

PitPoint makes sustainable fuels available, and affordable

Making sustainable fuels available and affordable in order to avoid harmful emissions is PitPoint’s core activity. PitPoint provides integrated refueling infrastructure solutions to public and private customers in road and marine transport. Together with its partners, PitPoint builds, operates and maintains CNG/BiomethaneLNG, and Hydrogen (H2) filling stations, as well as Electricity (EV) charging points. It operates in several European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Partnership with Volkswagen

In May of this year, PitPoint and Volkswagen together with a number of other industry partners signed a declaration of intent with the purpose of increasing the number of CNG vehicles in Germany from 100,000 to one million, and to expand the country’s overall CNG network from 900 to 2000 stations. Today’s acquisition of additional CNG/Biomethane stations by PitPoint directly contributes to this goal, and to PitPoint’s ongoing quest to further clean mobility in Germany.