PITPOINT clean fuels

starts in Germany and signs filling stations takeover


Today PitPoint starts in Germany. Now that the company is one of the major players in the field of clean fuels in the Netherlands and also has a network in Belgium, PitPoint is preparing to realise the same goal in Germany: totally clean fuels in 2030.

Clean fuels, available and affordable

PitPoint wants to achieve its ambition by making clean fuels available that are cost competitive and cleaner than tradition fuels. The company wants to ensure that totally clean transport is realised by 2030. How will PitPoint actually achieve this goal? By continuous innovations and decisive actions from a clear vision.

Vital partnerships

PitPoint does not stand alone in this mission. The company forges vital partnerships with all the interested parties: from consumers and business leaders to politicians. In this way, clean transport will be available and affordable in 2030.

Focused ambition and continuous innovation

PitPoint concretises its mission. Together with its partners, PitPoint is building and exploiting a network of filling stations and stations for public transport, such as busses, taxis and ferry services. The company is also investing in hydrogen stations and electrical charging point networks.

‘Our years of experience in clean transport and environmentally-friendly fuels makes us perfectly positioned to realise our ambition, namely to be an important player in clean fuels in Northwest Europe’, says Erik Kemink, CEO of PitPoint.

Takeover 13 CNG stations

The new PitPoint Germany started with a takeover. GAZU and PitPoint clean fuels signed the takeover of 13 filling stations today. PitPoint Germany starts initially in North Rhine-Westphalia and in the Lower Saxony.
PitPoint Germany’s ambition is to greatly expand the network of ‘clean fuel’ stations in the short term.

PitPoint sponsors the first hydrogen racing car

PitPoint stands for innovation, partnerships and ambition within the automobile industry. PitPoint proudly sponsors the first hydrogen racing car; a promising project that is not only unique in Europe but throughout the whole world.