PitPoint receives subsidy for 7 transport projects

BENEFIC subsidy is awarded for the realisation of EV and CNG infrastructure projects in the Netherlands and Belgium


PitPoint clean fuels has been awarded a total of 1.3 million euros in subsidy for the realisation of various EV and CNG infrastructure projects in the Netherlands and Belgium. The subsidy enables PitPoint to deliver charging and refueling solutions for these alternative fuels in both countries. The subsidy is issued by the Dutch-Belgian collaboration project BENEFIC. A quarter of the total amount allocated by BENEFIC has been awarded to PitPoint.

BENEFIC is an innovative cross-border project for the development of charging and refueling infrastructure for alternative fuels for transport. Flanders, Brussels and the Netherlands have made a total amount of 5.3 million euros available to achieve a definitive breakthrough for clean and green transport technologies. At the same time, the partners are implementing the European ‘Clean Power for Transport’ directive and fulfilling Belgian and Dutch ambitions in this area.


PitPoint applied for a subsidy of up to 20% on investment cost for 7 projects to cover the following items:

  • 7 CNG filling stations
  • 8 Fast chargers
  • 6 High power chargers
  • 2 Opportunity chargers 300 kw and 9 30kw (2 socket) depot chargers
  • 350 chargers (11 kw)

Find a complete overview of all BENEFIC subsidy projects.

Jan Theo Hoefakker, director Commercial Sales at PitPoint: “This is fantastic news of course. The confidence shown by BENEFIC in our CNG and our EV solutions strengthens our position as clean fuels provider. Thanks to the BENEFIC subsidy, we are able to further contribute to zero emission transport in the Netherlands and Belgium; and it brings us an important step closer to achieving our vision of 100% clean transport in 2030”.

All projects that have been awarded subsidy are already in progress, and works have to be finished by 2020 according to the subsidy terms.

What is BENEFIC?

BENEFIC stands for “BrussEls NEtherlands Flanders Implementation of Clean power for transport” and literally means “doing or promoting something good”. The main aim of this project is to speed up the construction of infrastructure for environmentally friendly vehicles and vessels. The lack of adequate refueling and recharging infrastructure for en-route refueling or charging is still felt to be a barrier when opting for an environmentally friendly vehicle. The Brussels Capital Region, the National Government of the Netherlands and the Flemish Government want to support the rollout of such infrastructure with European funds. Specifically this concerns the following infrastructure for alternative fuels and energy carriers: electric recharging stations for normal and (ultra) high power charging, LNG-CNG refueling points, hydrogen refueling infrastructure and onshore electricity supply installations for inland navigation.