PitPoint expands its network of CNG refuelling stations in Germany

Three new German CNG locations in the first quarter of 2019


PitPoint continues to expand its German network of filling stations for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). In the first quarter of this year, the international provider of clean fuels has added three new locations and now offers CNG at close to 40 fuel stations in Germany.

CNG at strategic locations

The three CNG refuelling stations taken over by PitPoint are based at strategic locations on Total service stations at:

  • Ilmenau (Grenzhammer 4) in the Erfurt catchment area, close to the A4 and A71 motorways, where PitPoint operates two further CNG stations.
  • Dreieich (Darmstädter Straße 92) a dispenser for H-gas, close to Frankfurt and its surrounding highway network.
  • Luckenwalde (Salzufler Allee 40) 50 kilometers south of Berlin, close to Luckenwalde city centre and one of its business parks.

Malte Hock, Head of Sales at PitPoint Germany, is very pleased with the takeover of these locations: “Due to their convenient location, the new CNG stations are a good addition to our existing portfolio and contribute to our ongoing strategic expansion in Germany.”

Clean fuels on the road to zero emissions

PitPoint makes clean fuels available and affordable with the aim to prevent harmful vehicle emissions. Headquartered in Nieuwegein (NL), the company has been pursuing an international growth strategy for several years. This includes establishing a broad network of CNG filling stations across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

CNG or Compressed Natural Gas is the cheapest and cleanest fossil fuel currently available. Since vehicles running on CNG emit less CO2 and virtually no particulate matter or nitrogen oxide compared to those on diesel, they are allowed to drive in low emission zones. By implementing CNG refuelling infrastructure, PitPoint is helping its customers achieve their climate targets as well as circumvent local diesel restrictions.

PitPoint designs, builds, finances, operates and maintains public and private fuelling stations for LNG, CNG, biomethane, hydrogen and electric charging points for businesses and governments. The company works closely with fleet managers on the supply of alternative, cleaner fuels, through its existing network as well as on new-build projects.

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