World Debut: Hydrogen Against Petrol

First hydrogen racecar to take part in fossil fuel competition


This weekend, Forze, the hydrogen racing team from the Delft University of Technology, will take its most advanced car – the ForzeVII – out on the well-known TT circuit in Assen to compete directly against racecars with a combustion engine. This world debut will be taking place during the Supercar Challenge that is part of Gamma Racing Day 2017, one of the largest racing events of its kind in Europe. As the lead sponsor of Forze Delft, PitPoint wishes the entire team – consisting of fifty talented students from different faculties at the Delft University of Technology – lots of success!

PitPoint AND Forze

This is the second year that PitPoint clean fuels sponsors hydrogen racing team Forze Delft. In addition to a financial contribution, the partnership also includes the exchange of know-how on the most innovative use of hydrogen as a fuel. Thanks to the funding provided by PitPoint, Forze has been able to continue the development of its racing car. This includes the many hours of hard work that has been put into the ForzeVII. This new and improved version of Forze’s hydrogen racecar recently completed its first test drive on the circuit of Zandvoort’s, as you can see in this video.


For PitPoint clean fuels innovation in the area of hydrogen is an essential part of its mission to create a society in which mobility is 100% sustainable. Hydrogen is virtually inexhaustible and releases no harmful emissions when used as fuel. PitPoint shares knowledge with Forze on how to refuel hydrogen faster and better, among other topics. That is where PitPoint’s expertise lies: making clean fuels available and affordable. And why Pitpoint is also involved in building and maintaining hydrogen filling stations across Europe.


By taking part in the Supercar Challenge with its 100% clean hydrogen-electric car Team Forze is taking a unique step into the conventional racing world. For more information on Forze Delft, the ForzeVII, the Supercar Challenge and hydrogen see below: