Benjamin Janke

I began working as managing director of PitPoint Germany in 2017. The company acquired its first CNG stations in 2016, and with another acquisition the following year, our German CNG network reached 27 stations in 2017. Going forward, in line with our ‘first buy, then build’ strategy, we’ll continue to focus on attractive acquisitions, while starting new build activities in parallel. Our ambition is to become market leader in Germany – both in terms of our network as well as becoming the #1 clean fuel brand. Besides our CNG activities, we also want to initiate EV, LNG and hydrogen projects together with our colleagues from the Netherlands. In 2017, less than 1% of Germany’s 50 million vehicles were running on alternative fuels. I believe that this will increase dramatically in the coming years and that PitPoint Germany will play an important role on the path to cleaner mobility. I view PitPoint Germany as a driver and enabler of the transition to clean fuels and lower emissions. With our passionate team in Germany we are well positioned to achieve this ambitious target.