Christian Nissing

I joined PitPoint as Chief Strategy Officer in November 2017. My main responsibility is to ensure that our goals for strategic development, as well as marketing, communication and innovation are aligned across the PitPoint organisation and coherent with our shareholder’s ambition. Throughout my studies and my working career, sustainable development and renewable energy have always played a key role. Driven by an increasing need for transport and logistics, there is an urgent need to propose environmentally sound solutions such as clean fuels. The aim to provide the best available fuelling offerings for sustainable transport to its customers is part of PitPoint’s DNA, an aim that I can strongly identify with. At PitPoint, we ensure that our products and services are provided to our customers in a safe, reliable and professional way. As PitPoint employees, we are by nature flexible and willing to learn continuously. In an accelerating environment such as alternative fuels, we must be able to quickly adapt to new situations and to understand our customer’s evolving needs in order to remain competitive.