Daan Sistermans

As Managing Director EV, I am responsible for the development of PitPoint’s electric vehicle (EV) charging retail business. With a young and enthusiastic EV team, we focus on strengthening our position within the electric charging business by continuously extending our network of EV charge points. Hence enabling the fast growing number of EV drivers to charge up and drive without interruption. Until the end of 2018, I was PitPoint’s Chief Marketing Officer and responsible for marketing, sustainability and innovation projects within our organisation. I started at the time when PitPoint consisted of three different companies, all operating under their own names. Together with a selection of employees from various departments, we formed a brand vision team and defined the company’s values. This formed the foundation of our marketing and brand strategy and led to our current name: PitPoint. The quest for sustainability is at the core of the PitPoint brand. Striving for more avoided emissions and contributing to a better world, together with my colleagues and PitPoint’s partners, is what makes me happy to work here. I’m convinced that the shared drive within PitPoint to create a cleaner world for the next generation is not a choice but part of our human nature – and therefore an integral part of the PitPoint culture.