Erik Kemink

As of July 1st, 2019, Erik Kemink has handed over his responsibilities over to John Wilson.

As the CEO and general director of PitPoint, my main responsibilities include determining the company’s strategy and growing our business in order to achieve our mission and vision. I joined the organisation in 2008, when it was still called CNG Net. One of the most significant projects completed under my leadership was expanding our product portfolio from one fuel, CNG, to four – adding LNG, hydrogen and electricity. As a result, we became a provider of a full range of clean fuels and increased the impact of PitPoint’s value proposition. Another major project I’m currently leading is PitPoint’s international expansion – we’re transitioning from a Dutch to a European company, and beyond. Like PitPoint, I’m driven by sustainability, safety and integrity, which I consider my core values both professionally and personally. To me, sustainability means operating in a way that’s good for people, good for the earth and good for our business. I firmly believe that these values are critical to developing PitPoint’s business in a reliable and transparent way.