Jan Theo Hoefakker

At PitPoint, I’m in charge of our international business unit for public transport and commercial sales. My expertise lies in the field of concession projects for the public and private sector based on performance contracts. I’ve been working for PitPoint since the company’s start in 2007, when it was known as CNG Net. My main responsibilities include growing our international portfolio of dedicated projects in public transport. One of the key achievements I’m most proud of is the TESO ferry between the Dutch city of Den Helder and the island of Texel. Due to the data and knowledge we’ve gathered from years of experience, we were able to advise TESO on the effect of different clean fuel options. Our input resulted in Europe’s first CNG ferry. For me, sustainability means a profitable, zero-emission business case that also pays attention to socio-economic costs. These days, I believe that sustainability is a requirement for commercial success. It’s one of the PitPoint values I connect with most closely, along with integrity and professionalism – two qualities that are essential for the types of partnerships and projects I’m involved in.