John Wilson

As the CEO and general director of PitPoint, I am responsible for the company’s strategy and growing our business in line with our mission and vision. I joined PitPoint on the 1st of July, 2019, and prior to this I was the Managing Director of Total UK Ltd. At Total, I have been able to gain extensive and global experience in a wide variety of business management roles both in mature and emerging markets, across the oil product value chain.

Sustainability is quite clearly the future and is the driver of the energy transition that we have embarked on to limit the impact on climate change and air pollution – a must for our industry. Our role at PitPoint within Total is to provide sustainable mobility solutions for our clients.

I am proud to be working in a part of the Total business that is actively driving and indeed accelerating the energy transition from pure fossil fuels towards more and more, and ultimately only sustainable fuels. I am very happy to be doing this as part of a team of driven professionals, whose goals are very much centred on the company’s mission.

For us, safety is an absolutely core value, which must underly all of our activities – we have to take care of each other, and also make sure that our installations are as safe as they must be, to protect our staff, our clients and the public, and of course the environment. Without this value, no energy transition can be sustainable.

Another of our core values is partnership – PitPoint looks to partner with its clients to build a sustainable future, and our staff actively engage in partnerships, both internal and external, to bring this about too. Looking at PitPoint’s working environment, I see that the teams are hugely involved in what they do, and do it with a passion, which has led to a fast moving, can do culture.