Marja Versleijen

I joined PitPoint at the end of 2016 as managing director Netherlands. I’m responsible for running our Dutch business and, specifically, all of our public CNG stations as well as a selection of private CNG stations. As part of my role, I’m working to constantly improve our national CNG network by developing new CNG fueling locations. At the same time, I also need to ensure our business unit is generating positive financial results. One of the projects I’m most proud of is implementing an electric charging station for Ahold (a major food retailer) at the company’s distribution hub in Amsterdam. It’s a good example of PitPoint’s guiding principle ‘One team. One brand.’ and the collaboration between different divisions within PitPoint. My expertise includes customer relationships and entrepreneurship. I always look for creative ways to make things happen for our customers, and for PitPoint. To me, sustainability means that we need to create a better future for everyone on the planet, starting with ourselves. It’s PitPoint’s most important core value, as all our other values are connected to this.