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This is the Privacy Statement of PitPoint clean fuels (referred to as “PitPoint” in this statement). In order to serve you effectively and carry out our work as efficiently as possible, PitPoint processes your personal data.

PitPoint believes it is extremely important to treat your personal data with care. We will therefore process and secure your personal data very carefully. You can rest assured that your data is secure with PitPoint and that we abide by the valid, legal regulations.

Why does PitPoint have a Privacy Statement?

This Privacy Statement sets out how we work with your personal data. It details which personal details we process, for what purposes, who may view them, how we store them, who we may pass them onto and the influence you can have on them. Your interests are our priority!

What are you personal details?

Personal data includes all of the details that could be traced to a natural person, i.e. you. This includes: your name, address details, date of birth, telephone number, email address and biometric data (body characteristic). This type of data is obtained from you when you fill in forms, send letters or emails, or give us a ring. You may also provide personal details when you visit PitPoint’s website. For example, in the form of an IP address or a cookie.

Whenever your personal details are shared by you or a third party with PitPoint, we process them. The meaning of the term ‘process’ is quite wide-ranging and includes: gathering, storing, consulting, deleting, using and providing the data to third parties.

To what does this Privacy Statement apply?

This Privacy Statement applies to all personal details about you that PitPoint processes (in an entirely or partially automated manner) in the context of providing services.

Whose personal details does PitPoint process?

We process the details of all of the people with whom we have contact, or who visit the PitPoint website. This includes PitPoint’s customers. We also process the personal details of contact persons for business customers, suppliers or business partners of PitPoint.

Important: if you, as an organisation or company, pass on the personal details of your employees to us, you are then obliged by law to inform your employees of this. You can give this Privacy Statement to your employees. They then know exactly how PitPoint works with their personal details.

Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

The responsibility for processing your personal details lies with PitPoint, located at Gelderlandhaven 4 (3433 PG) in Nieuwegein. The responsible party is the body that makes the formal, legal decision regarding whether and, if so, which personal details can be processed, with what objective and how.

What does PitPoint use your personal details for?

PitPoint may only process your personal details if we have legal grounds to do so. The legal grounds for processing your personal details are as follows:

  • your permission;
  • processing is required for the execution of an agreement;
  • processing is required in order to fulfil a legal obligation;
  • processing is required in order to tackle a serious threat to your health; and
  • processing is necessary in terms of PitPoint’s interests, whereby your interests are secondary.

PitPoint processes your personal details for the purposes of effective and efficient operations, in particular in the context of carrying out the following activities:

In order to enter into a relationship with you

If you are one of our customers, we want to serve you effectively. As a result, we process your personal details. We use your name and address details to maintain contact with you, for example. We also make recordings, e.g. telephone conversations, camera and chat sessions. We do this in order to tackle criminality and guarantee quality, or in the context of gathering evidence. We also need your name in order to make payments. We may then pass your name onto others, e.g. in the context of payment traffic.

For protecting your interests and our own

We can process your personal details in order to protect your interests and ours. For example, in order to combat or investigate fraud. For this purpose, we may consult incident registers and warning systems and record personal details herein. For this purpose, we may also consult public sources, such as public registers, newspapers and the internet.

For the development and improvement of our products and services

In order to continue to be effective, we constantly work on developing and improving our products and services. In some cases, we process personal details in this context. For example, if you ask a question about a product or our service.

For promotional and marketing objectives

We can process your personal details for promotional or marketing objectives, if you have given us permission to do so. For example, to inform you about a new product that may be of interest to you. Or in order to anticipate your requirements more effectively. Would you prefer not to be contacted for commercial purposes? Then just let PitPoint know; you always retain the right to withdraw your permission. In order to carry out marketing activities, we process the personal details of our (potential) contacts, such as address details, email addresses and your visit to our webpage. On the basis of data from internal, external sources and your visit to our webpages, PitPoint can provide suitable, targeted commercial offers to you, e.g. by post, phone or internet.

In order to execute agreements with suppliers and business customers

If you have contact with PitPoint for work, we may process your personal details. For example, in order to establish whether you are able to represent your company. Or in order to grant you access to our offices. We process your personal details in order to enter into and execute contracts with customers, such as concluding contracts for maintaining our relationship with customers. For example, we record the name and address details of customers and representatives and, in the event of change, we modify them. We use the personal details of customers for internal analyses and product development. As a result, we can improve products and services for our customers.

In order to fulfil legal obligations

We must gather details about you on the basis of specific (international) law and regulations. Legislation and regulations can also oblige us to pass on your data to governmental or supervisory bodies. For example, to the Tax Department, Personal Data Authority or the Consumer and Market Authority. We must also process personal details on the basis of our duty of care, if there is good reason to do so.

For commercial operations

It is important but also necessary to maintain a good overview of our customer contacts. This includes knowing whether you collaborate with other partners that could pose a risk. In order to obtain this overview and then take the appropriate measures, we process personal details.

For departure purposes

We gather no more personal data than is necessary in the context of the above objectives. If we do not store the data for these purposes, we could still store it for archiving purposes. In other words, it will only be used for legal cases, or historical, scientific or statistical objectives.

How does PitPoint treat your personal details?

We are extremely careful and take security and confidentiality very seriously indeed. That is how we treat your personal details. PitPoint has drafted a policy document for this purpose.

Supervising the processing of personal details

The rules about protecting your personal details are set out in the EU Personal Data Protection Act; from May 2018 this changes to the General Directive on Data Protection (GDPR). In the Netherlands, where PitPoint’s head office is based, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (AP) supervises compliance with this law. If you think that we are failing to fulfill or inadequately fulfilling the provisions of this Privacy Statement, you may submit a complaint to the AP.

The contact details for the AP are listed below. For contact details of the GDPR authority in other EU countries with a PitPoint office, please check the privacy statements of our respective country websites.

Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens
Prins Clauslaan 60
2509 AJ The Hague
The Netherlands
+31 70 888 8500


In order to protect your privacy and the security of your data, PitPoint applies suitable technical and organisational measures. We take security measures in order to prevent the abuse of or unauthorised access to your personal data. As well as protecting the system, we also ensure that not everybody within PitPoint has access to your data. The systems in which customer details are stored are therefore only accessible to a select group of employees who need access in order to carry out their jobs.

Reporting incidents

If it becomes clear that something has gone wrong with respect to protecting your personal data, or we suspect that this may be the case, we will report this to the AP. If the violation of your personal details may be damaging or have detrimental consequences, we will notify you as quickly as possible.


We work on the basis that your data is always confidential. Every employee of PitPoint is therefore obliged to maintain this confidentiality. This is also the case for third parties who are hired in by PitPoint or otherwise appointed to carry out work. Persons who are tasked with carrying out technical work on our systems are also obliged to maintain confidentiality. In short, everyone who has an insight into your data must maintain the corresponding confidentiality.

How long do we retain your data?

PitPoint stores your data no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data was gathered and is permitted by law. The length of time for which data is stored depends on the nature of the data and the purposes for which it is processed. The retention period can therefore vary per objective.

Provision to third parties

We never provide your personal details to third parties, unless this is vital in the context of executing the contract, if this is mandatory in law, or if you have given us your permission to do so.

PitPoint may also be obliged to provide personal details on the basis of law and regulations, on the basis of a legal ruling by a judge, or in the event of fraud or wrongdoing. If this is the case, PitPoint will offer its cooperation.

Transferring your details to countries outside the European Union

PitPoint will never transfer your details to a company or body based outside the European Union, unless a model agreement has been concluded or you have signed a statement in which you provide your permission for the transfer.

Personal contact with PitPoint

A great deal of contact between you and PitPoint runs via the phone, forms, email or social media. Personal details that you provide in these contexts are recorded if they are required for our services.

Various contact methods

Increasingly, customers contact PitPoint via email, social media (Facebook or Twitter) or Text messaging and chatting is also used sometimes. Of course, information is also exchanged via letters and forms. The initiative to make contact could come from you or from PitPoint. The personal details that you pass onto us in this context can be processed by PitPoint. For example, in order to answer your questions, or improve the quality of our services.

Calling PitPoint

If you call us or we call you, we may record the phone conversation. We do this in order to train, coach and evaluate our employees and optimise the quality of the services provided so that we can serve you effectively.

Visiting PitPoint’s website

If you visit our website, we register your IP address, visit details and cookies. Below, you can see how we use this data.

What do we do with your IP address?

Everybody who uses the internet has an Internet address. Even if you access the internet via your mobile phone. Without an IP address, you cannot use the internet. PitPoint retains your IP address to protect you from internet fraud.

What do we do with your visit details?

PitPoint’s websites record general visitor details, such as which pages are visited most frequently. With this information, we can further optimise the function of our website. These details may also be used to put targeted information on the site. We can then further improve our services. We also register how visitors click through PitPoint’s website. This data is only stored and processed internally. It is used for statistical analyses of visitor behaviour, for combating fraud and also for the purposes of providing you with personalised offers.

What do we do with cookies?

We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a simple, small file that is sent with the pages of this website and is saved by your browser on your computer’s hard drive.

With your permission, we place ‘tracking cookies’ on your computer. We then use these cookies to monitor which pages your have visited, in order to build up a profile of your online behaviour. This profile is not linked to a name, address, email address and so on; it is only used to harmonise advertisements to your profile so that they are as relevant as possible for you.

Through our website, cookies are placed from ‘analytics’ services via software from AddThis, Google-Analytics, Google Tag Manager, GA Audiences, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Analytics and Mediamath. We use these services to monitor and report on how visitors use the website. These services may provide this information to third parties if these services are legally obliged to do so, or insofar as third parties process the information on behalf of these services. We have no influence over this process. The information gathered by Google is anonymous as far as possible. Your IP address details are never provided. Concerning the services by Google: The information is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States.

You can at any time delete the cookies stored on your computer, object to the storage of new cookies and receive a notification before new cookies are stored by changing your browser settings using the instructions below. Please note that if you remove a cookie or object to the storage of cookies on your device, you may not be able to use some of the website’s services.

How to delete or refuse cookies

If you do not wish to the website to place cookies or if you would like to delete already placed cookies, you can indicate this through the internet browser of your device, via the ‘Settings’ option. Choose the browser you are using below and follow the explanation of how to delete or refuse cookies.

NB: Are you visiting our website via different browsers? You will need to change the cookie settings for each of the browsers. Please be aware that without cookies we cannot guarantee that the website works properly.

What rights do you have?

When PitPoint processes your personal details, you have certain rights according to the valid regulations. Your rights will be set out below.

We will let you know if we are processing your personal details

For the purposes of processing your data, PitPoint provides information on our identity, the aims for which and the ways in which we process your data, the rules that apply to this, the rights that you have and the influence that you can exercise over this data.

This information may not be provided if you are already aware that your details are being processed or if it is not possible to notify you or would cost us an unreasonable amount of effort.

Reviewing your data

You are a PitPoint customer and you’d like to see what data we hold on you? You can apply your right to review this data. We kindly ask you to specify which data you would like us to send you.

Right to correction

You also have the right to correct details if your data is incorrect or incomplete. You may also correct data if it is not relevant to the objective for which we process it, or if your data is being processed by us in contravention of a legal provision.
We shall notify the third parties that receive your data from us of any correction, unless this would require us to make unreasonable efforts to do so.

Right to exchange data

You also have the right to have data deleted. For example, if your data is no longer required for the purposes for which we received it, you object to the processing thereof or your data has been unlawfully processed by us. We can, however, not always delete the required data as we may be obliged to retain certain details.

Right to limit processing

You have the right to limit the processing of your data. The right to limitation means that we may not (temporarily) process or modify your details. This is the case if you are challenging the accuracy of your data, if you believe that the personal details are no longer required for the purposes for which they were gathered, or if you think that PitPoint is processing your data unlawfully.

Right to object

You may object to PitPoint processing your personal details if they are being used for purposes other than executing an agreement or fulfilling a legal obligation. For example, if you would rather not have your personal details used in order to provide personalised offers.

Right to data portability

When you have provided your personal details to us, in certain circumstances you have the right to data portability. This means that we will provide your data to you in a structured, accessible and machine-legible format, when you request it.

How can you exercise these rights?

If you wish to assert your rights, you can contact us using the contact details below, or send us a letter stating your name, address and telephone number. We will respond to your request within one month. We kindly ask you to identify yourself on the basis of a valid form of identification. This will enable us to check that we are providing the personal details for the right person. Excessive requests for information may be refused. Excessive requests are when information requests are submitted with greater than average frequency.

About this privacy statement

PitPoint may amend this Privacy Statement. The last update was on July 26, 2018.

Do you have questions or comments on our Privacy Statement? Feel free to get in touch.

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