Systems Integrator


PitPoint is an international provider of end-to-end infrastructure solutions for clean fuels. We’re your business-to-business partner and systems integrator for the entire transition to clean transport. Whether you’re looking for implementation services or standalone expert advice on a specific step in the process, we’ll help you define the road to zero emissions that’s right for your organisation.

We design, build, finance, maintain, operate and service public and private fuelling stations for LNG, CNG, biomethane, hydrogen, and electric charging points, for companies and governments. With more than 10 years of experience as a systems integrator, we have the data, know-how and resources to make clean fuels available and affordable. By managing every step in-house, we are able to deliver high levels of safety and efficiency, provide unique performance guarantees, and do all this cost-effectively.

PitPoint Pro


PitPoint PRO is the engineering department that’s at the core of our business model. PRO enables us to fulfil a unique position in the clean fuels market: that of systems integrator. In this role, we develop custom solutions for every client – combining the lowest possible operational costs with the best customer service. Together, we continuously work to improve the product and design, as well as market development.

Our approach ensures that we’re able to provide professional project management for the design, construction, installation, and/or maintenance of public and private filling stations for LNG, CNG/biomethane and hydrogen, as well as EV charging points.

24/7 Maintenance

Round-the-clock support for optimal systems performance

PitPoint’s Maintenance department works tirelessly to keep our filling and charging stations running as planned. To ensure optimal performance, we monitor our installations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are able to do this remotely, and are always on standby to respond to irregularities at an early stage.

We combine sophisticated digital technologies with highly trained staff to deliver some of the most impressive uptimes in our business. For example, our specially developed SCADA system measures temperature, pressure, amperage and more to help us accurately spot defects and predict when parts need to be replaced. That means our mechanics can make repairs long before an issue occurs and, if something does go wrong, they can be on site quickly. With a fully stocked warehouse, our clients do not need to wait for spare parts.

All of our customer support is managed in house, so whether you reach us by phone or email, you can expect a quick and helpful response, 365 days a year.



The transition to renewable energy and clean fuels is complex. Since our company was founded more than ten years ago, we have gathered significant experience, data insights and know-how on every aspect of providing clean fuels and implementing the required infrastructure.

In line with our vision of 100% clean transport in 2030, we want to leverage our collective expertise to help businesses and local governments with large fleets expedite their transition to zero emissions.

Whether you’re looking for a customised and detailed strategic roadmap for the entire transition to clean transport – including sustainability goals, available clean vehicles and expected volumes of ‘avoided emissions’ – or need advice to determine the optimal configuration for a large-scale charging hub, it’s all part of our portfolio of consulting services.

We will always find the most sustainable and economical solution for your specific needs. Our approach to consulting is practical, transparent and independent of any specific fuel or technology.