Working at PitPoint

By working at PitPoint you directly contribute to achieving an important mission: creating a cleaner planet. Now, and for future generations.


PitPoint is an international and dynamic organisation. We offer a driven, open, informal working environment, with a personal approach.

Striving for a more sustainable world for us starts with enabling the personal growth of our employees. A workplace where you can realise the best version of yourself.

You’ll be in the lead when it comes to your own development path. We’ll provide you with a sustainable environment with the optimal level of support and freedom for you to achieve your goals.

Working at PitPoint is the best job in the world

Our Vacancies

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Our Culture

Sustainability at PitPoint means that we are driven by nature. Human nature. For us, this means we think, act, create and move according to three of the strongest driving forces of humankind: survival. progress. connection. Or put differently: sustainability, innovation and mobility.

  • Survival – We human beings are as vulnerable as the planet we live on. This leaves us no choice. We must look after the one world we have. There is no best of both worlds. Simply because human and nature are one. That’s why we strive for safety, integrity, and sustainability. Now. And for future generations.
  • Progress – It’s not about doing more. It’s not even about doing things better. It’s about being smarter. Exploring and pushing the limits to realise the best version of ourselves, and our world. That’s why we invest. In our people, partners, and other stakeholders. In smart and innovative technological solutions.
  • Connection – We as humans are social beings by nature. We are connected in a billion ways. As couples, families, friends, communities, colleagues, companies, nations. The more we connect, the more we’re on the move. People, products, resources. Mobility makes the world go round. We need transport to survive, and to progress. That’s what drives us to make clean fuels available and affordable. And to do this professionally, as one team, collaborating closely with our partners and stakeholders.

These principles guide every aspect of our brand, our business, and shape our sustainable approach to our products, customers, partners and employees.

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