CNG & Biomethane

Sustainable CNG at PitPoint

Compressed natural gas, or CNG, is natural gas stored at high pressure. CNG can be used as a cleaner, cost effective and efficient alternative to traditional fuels. A fully sustainable and renewable variant of CNG, of the same quality and also suitable for combustion, is biomethane. Biomethane (or bio-CNG) is produced by upgrading biogas, which is made through the fermentation of organic materials, such as plant waste, sewage sludge and manure. CNG and biomethane fuel solutions help reduce CO2 and pollutants emitted by cars, light commercial vehicles, light trucks, and buses.

PitPoint is preparing Europe for clean fuels

Clean transport in 2030. That is our goal. We believe it is possible. We want to attain this goal by making clean fuel available at competitive prices. These fuel types are cleaner than traditional fuel. PitPoint believes, based on current data, that hydrogen fuel is the future. It cannot be used as the fuel of today yet. Biomethane/CNG is a transitional or bridging fuel that has been completely developed and can be supplied. Biomethane/CNG allows clean driving today! PitPoint is the largest Biomethane/CNG supplier for road traffic in the Netherlands and is working on expanding the number of Biomethane/CNG fuel stations Belgium, Germany, France, and beyond. A financially and ecologically viable alternative for both diesel and petrol is, after all, required NOW!

Find a CNG refuelling station

Why use CNG?

  • More affordable than other fuels.
  • Better for people and nature.
  • Wide range of modern vehicles.
  • Country-wide CNG fuel station network.
  • Transition from CNG to 100% Biomethane without vehicle adjustments.
  • Cleaner combustion reduces engine wear.
  • Engine runs more silently than on diesel.
  • Refuelling is just as fast as when getting petrol or diesel.

All environmental benefits

  • 10%* lower CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions than diesel fuel.
  • 90% less NOx (nitrogen oxide) than diesel fuel.
  • No particulate matter or soot emissions.

* 10% lower CO2 emissions than CNG made from natural gas. Biomethane CO2 emissions are even 75% lower than that of diesel fuel. At PitPoint you can refuel with CNG or Biomethane.