Road Transport

Total and PitPoint.LNG have started the realisation of a multiple-energy station in Deventer, the Netherlands


Total Nederland and PitPoint.LNG have started construction of a new multiple-energy truck station at the new A1 business park in Deventer, the Netherlands. Alongside the traditional fuels on offer, this multiple-energy station will at first be equipped with the cleaner fuel LNG. This as part

PitPoint.LNG opens revamped LNG station in Zwolle


PitPoint.LNG has reopened its completely renovated LNG station in Zwolle, The Netherlands. The station features the latest innovations and has four times more LNG storage capacity than before in order to meet the increasing demand for LNG. Kleefstraat 7 in Zwolle, The Netherlands,  saw a

The Netherlands introduces new LNG incentive scheme


The Netherlands announced a new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) incentive scheme. The scheme will offer an 18.7 Eurocent discount per kilogram of LNG purchased between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2021. The scheme is in line with the EU’s ambition to reduce freight transport

PitPoint has opened its first LNG refuelling station in Belgium


Together with Total, PitPoint has opened its first LNG refuelling station for trucks in Belgium. The station is located in Rekkem, near the French border. Together with the previously opened PitPoint LNG stations at logistical hubs in the Netherlands, this location represents a concrete step

25th LNG filling station opened in the Netherlands


By pressing the start button, the alderman of Roosendaal René van Ginderen and director Gert van Overveld of Transport Van Overveld (TVO) officially opened the latest LNG filling station of the Netherlands, in Roosendaal. This PitPoint.LNG’s filling station is closely located to the A17, in